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Europa S.A

Europa S.A

Autor: Belén Balanyá

Número de Páginas: 366

Recoge: 1. La Europa de las multinacionales - 2. A por el mundo - 3. Mundo, s.a. - 4. Marcos conceptuales y teóricos - 5. Apéndices.

¿Qué son los peces? (What Are Fish?)

¿Qué son los peces? (What Are Fish?)

Autor: Bobi Martin

Número de Páginas: 32

Many animals live in water, but only some can be defined as fish. Twenty-eight thousand species of fish exist, each with different characteristics. Readers from grades one through four will learn that fish have a distinct impact on their ecosystem and will see how fish survive when well-adapted to an uncompromised environment. Beautiful photographs demonstrate the great diversity of fish and accompany intellectually stimulating explanations of their varying roles and traits. From page to page, what a fish is unfolds in vocabulary call-outs, insightful questions, and relatable compare-and-contrast examples.

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